Kyobe Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Mukono district of Uganda,the foundation is working to empower young girls and women in rural communities by addressing critical gaps in helping to provide needed life skills,coaching and access tosustainable livelihoods for hard to serve or hard to reach populations.As a result-based organisation, Kyobe works within merginalised communitiesand adapts localised approaches to hte women and young girls looking to transform their lives. The foundation is run by individuals from the area who are familiar with the barriers needing to be overcome

Where we Work

"We equip women in rural communities with skills to start and grow businesses successfully to increase household income and livelihoods".
Kyobe Foundation runs literacy clubs in rural schools to empower girls with the various strengths to keep in schools and become productive members of the community.
Identify out of school girls in rural communities and draw means of getting them back in schools or skill them.

Our Values

Girls. We believe in the potential of girls to lead productive lives in communities.
Women. Women have the capacity to transform and solve existing challenges within their communities.
As illustrated in our logo, we believe togetherness is key to serve girls and women better. We build relationships and work with people, organizations and government agencies with similar vision.

Our Model


Girls participate in transformative life skills through the life skills clubs that enable them to;
- Gain the 7 strengths of successful leaders
- Realize their importence in the community
- Appreciate the value of girl child education

Women participate in entrepreneurship trainings and awareness programmes that enable them to;
- Actively transform their lives.
- Start and run business

Kyobe Foundation Team

"For an Empowered female generation"

As a co-founder of Kyobe foundation, Miriam has extensive experience working with girls and comprehends first-hand challenges faced by the girl child.she has extensive experience working in the most complex environment in the field of education and charity work.


She has significant experience in handling issues of a girl child .She has experience in teaching and mentoring girls in Kenyan schools and has been a trainer with Kyobe foundation equipping girls and women with various hands-on skills . Maliza holds a bachelors degree in education and dedicates her time to working as an education officer in Kenya but continues to be a trainer and mentor with Kyobe foundation.


Has a diverse background in development,humanitarian issues and women empowerment. She holds a Bachelor's in Management Science and is currently a mentor at Kyobe foundation. she joined Kyobe foundation in 2017.


As an education officer, Sharon works extensively for Kyobe foundation to promote girls and women well-being by developing a coalition of stakeholders to further women support programs and keep girls in schools. Sharon is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in economics at Makerere University Business School.


Bushira holds a Bachelor's in Land Surveying but has experience working with non-profits and with a particular focus on children and children's issues.She joined Kyobe foundation in July 2017 as a mentor.


He is an administrative professional with experience in non-profit organisations focusing on promoting literacy among the female population.Arnold holds a Bachelor's in Building Economics but dedicates himself in charity work and working with non-profit organisations for improved livelihoods.


Our Mission

"Skill, Mentor, Coach Girls & Women in Rural Communities to thrive socially and economically."

Our Vision

"An Empowered Female Generation"

Our Location

Mukono District
P.O Box 32943, Kampala - Uganda

Phone contact


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