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Kyobe foundation outreach at bihanga primary school in hoima.

Kyobe Foundation is at the fore front of the fight against child marriage. We believe Keeping girls in school is among the best ways to protect them from child marriage. But simply being in the classroom is not enough. All children deserve quality education that offers knowledge, builds skills and empowers them to reach their full potential. We support girls and boys to stay in school by providing scholastic materials such as books, pens, geometry sets, bags, shoes, and uniforms. Supporting children with school materials helps to keep them in school by providing them with the necessary tools to actively participate in their education. When children have access to textbooks, notebooks, writing materials, and other resources, it can improve their learning experience and academic performance. Having the right materials can make learning more enjoyable and engaging for students, increasing their motivation to attend school regularly.

Kyobe foundation outreach at bihanga primary school in hoima.

Our Visit to Bihanga Primary School in Hoima restored smiles and hope of pupils who did not have access to School materials. A team led by Julius Kyomuhendo and Kyobe Foundation’s team leader Nakiyaga Miriam provided school materials to pupils of Bihanga primary school in Hoima which helped alleviate some financial burdens on families. Many parents would struggle to afford the cost of school supplies, especially in low-income households. When these supplies were provided, it reduced the financial strain on families and removed one of the barriers to accessing education. Children continued attending school and their families did not have to worry about the costs associated with schooling. Having the necessary school materials can also boost girls’ self-esteem and confidence. They feel prepared and equipped for learning when they have all the resources they need. This, in can positively impact their academic performance. Overall, supporting children with school materials plays a significant role in keeping them in school by enhancing their learning experience, fostering confidence and motivation to continue their education.

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